Terms Of Service


   Kraigcontent is a user friendly advertising software tailored towards the needs of advertisers and publishers alike.
   Kraigcontent is based upon a transparent and trustworthy business model. Therefore, in order to make use of this platform, all parties must adhere to our terms of service, otherwise, refrain from using this service.
   Kraigcontent reserves the right to amend this agreement at any time without prior notice to the publishers/advertisers. Hence, it is the users duty to stay updated with kraigcontent’s terms of service webpage.

Users are allowed to register with the website upon agreement with the terms of services. You will be required to provide the following details:
First name
Last name
Email address
Websites URL
Website visitors count
Phone number
Skype, WhatsApp
Company name;
Once submitted, you immediately receive the login details in your email. kraigcontent reserves the right to terminate or suspend access to your account at any time. Reasons include but are not limited to violation of terms or if we are not able to verify the information provided by you to Kraigcontent.

Kraigcontent.com grants you license to use the site only for advertising purposes. This license remains valid/authentic until the termination of use of the website.

The content, graphics and other materials found on kraigcontent.com are protected by copyright. Reproduction of whole or any part of this website is strictly prohibited.

You as an advertiser agree not to send us content related to sex, violence, hate speech or age restricted advertising materials. Apart from topics listed above, you are entirely responsible for the content you send to us.
Kraigcontent.com reserves the right to approve all advertising materials before they go live.

You as a publisher registering on kraigcontent.com acknowledge that your website does not contain sex, violence, hate speech or age restricted content.
kraigcontent.com reserves the right to approve all websites before it’s use as a supply source.

The statistics delivered through our website are considered true by kraigcontent for both parties. We do not take responsibility for ad discrepancies although, we would do our best to resolve such.

Upon account creation, you are required to fill in your payment details;
First name
Last name
Card number
Card Expiration Date, CVV.
Publishers should use their real names during registration. During withdrawal, the name and surname in the credit/debit cards will be matched to that on your account. If discrepancies occur, the payment transaction would not be processed. We do not make payments to third party cards. Payments are made on the 27th day of every month by kraigcontent to publishers bank accounts/cards. The minimum payment threshold is $100, if publishers account is lesser, it would be added to the next payment cycle.

Refund could be applied upon written request to Kraigcontent. Refund is not applicable if you as the advertiser breached our terms of service, privacy policy or other legal agreement.

-In a situation whereby you want to terminate your account, notify us through email.
-you accept our payment policy.
-Do not blame kraigcontent for discrepancies in statistics.
-Do not break the rules of this agreement with kraigcontent
-Avoid accepting or spreading false/misleading information.
-Avoid inflation of clicks through manual or automated means or any sort of fraudulent act.
-Avoid the use of viruses, worms or other computer programs that would affect the websites functioning.

kraigcontent.com may contain links to externally owned and operated websites. We do not accept responsibility for your use of those websites. You are using them at your own risk.

Kraigcontent does not take responsibility for interruptions which may occur on the site during updates or maintenance. We also do not bear responsibility for advertisers or publishers actions

kraigcontent may at any time change this terms. Changes become effective once uploaded on this webpage. Stay updated!