What Is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is a type of advertising that matches the form, feel and function of the platform it appears in.
Native advertisements can be found at the top of search engine results, in the feed of social medias or at the content recommendations section of a webpage. The good thing about native ads is that they’re not obvious- because they don’t look like ads, and they don’t disturb the readers experience.

Types Of Native Advertisements

search ads and promoted listings

Search & promoted listings


social media in-feed native advertisements
“In feed” ads


native content recommendations widget
Content recommendations (e.g those used at kraigcontent)

Benefits Of Native Advertising To Online Marketers

Native advertising looks and behaves like the original website’s content, so readers may interact with them without knowing that they’re advertisements.

Native advertisements has about 60% more engagement than regular display ads. It even attracts more attention than the original content of the webpage it appears. A recent study at Stanford University showed that native advertising fools nobody. In fact, users know that they’re seeing advertisements, but they don’t care. It still influences their purchase behavior positively.

Native advertisements fights ad fatigue. Ad fatigue is when a user get’s bored of looking at an ad creative and therefore losses attention. Native ads matches the content a user is reading, which makes it seem more interesting to him.


programmatic native advertising

Programmatic Native Advertising

This is a form of native advertising that serves targeted ads to specific audiences in real time. It enables Advertisers optimize their ROI through a method known as Real Time Bidding (RTB).

How Does RTB work?

Whenever a reader visits a webpage page, a software known as Supply Side Platform (SSP) sends an ad request on behalf of the publisher of the webpage to multiple demand partners representing advertisers. These demand partners use a software called Demand Side Platform (DSP), which gathers metric data and sends an ad response. The SSP compares the responses and declares a winner for the bid. The winner’s ad is served to the reader.


How Kraigcontent Can Boost Your Native Advertising

At kraigcontent, we have implemented the best targeting algorithms, to target the right users and personalize content recommendations for each user.
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