Push notifications are a popular and widely utilized marketing tool to help with re-engagementpush_notifications_example

Push ads usually consist of a short notification message and an icon that appears on a user’s screen as soon as it is triggered.
They can be used for promotions marketing, news, ebooks, generating news and much more!

Reasons To Utilize Push Notifications
Push Notifications Ads attracts users attention with very short messages at the right place and time!
Some benefits this format creates for online advertisers and marketers include;

Maximum Viewability
Prior ad formats in the industry (display, video, pop) requires users to be active on a website/app before they could see an ad. Push Notifications evolved with a change- users no longer have to be active on any website/app before they can see your ad. You can reach any customer, anywhere and anytime.

Maximum Reach
Advertisers can target users on any device, geo, language and more with push notifications ads. They can be displayed anywhere. This creates a new medium for marketers/advertisers to reach new clients.

Flexible Customization
Advertisers can configure how users would see their ads on any device. With this, ads can become more appealing to audiences/users.

Highest Retention
Push ads provides highest retention for advertisers compared to other online advertising formats.

Higher Results For A Lower Price
This ad format requires low costs and efforts to setup. Even at that, they provide a broader audience and higher ROI for the advertiser.

Platforms Where Push Ads Can Be Displayed
Push Notifications can be web based or in-app. However, they are considered the same- still sent to the users screen. They work for all kinds of businesses!

How To Launch Push Notifications Ads On KraigContent’s DSP Platform (CPC based)
Due to the opportunity for Advertisers in Push Marketing, KraigContent helps all demand parties launch them in a few easy steps;

  • Create an advertiser account here
  • Create a campaign
  • From list of ad formats, select the “PUSH” option
    Now, write the message you want users to see, upload your logo (or choose from the library), set your target audiences, add tracking macros (optional), set CPCs and more…
  • Save this campaign. It goes live automatically!

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